February 29 — Year of our Lord, 2020

February 29th dawns bright and clear in the dead south — the sun rising on what felt like four years of the cold dark.

The Russian Influence Operation blew out all the stops in South Carolina, as voters streamed to the polls to cast their vote in the most consequential election of our time.

Joe Biden, having lost every one of ten debates and every one of the three contests of 2019 — stood before the American people and told them he would win.

Donald John Trump, and the Russian Influence Operation chose to cast off the veil of secrecy they held onto in the Nevada primary, where they pushed one tenth of one percent of the vote to Bernie, and once again threw everything they had into creating chaos. South Carolina is, or more properly — as we learn that Trump’s support is waning — a state that thought Donald John Trump was a better candidate in 2016 than a person who had worked in the White House for Eight Years, brought the Department of State to ISO compliant excellence, assisted in the capture and kill of Osama Bin Laden — our greatest real enemy and not some BagDaddy Nobody. A person who served as a US Senator. And in that election year, these voters cheered on the lewd, grotesque Donald John Trump and handed them a victory of over 10 points in their state, a state that in 2017 ranked dead last in educational level in the entire country. This state is where the Russian influence operation will make its stand. And it’s where the people who are running against Bernie Sanders — and the news media entertainers and hidden oligarchs that control media narratives — will join Trump’s dark legions and try to stop the man who so far, in terms of the popular vote — has a 100 percent record of victory in 2020.

The Russian Influence Operation’s goals, exposed here.

1. As always, a rewrite of history and an attempt to distort reality. — First and foremost, that nobody’s got the coronavirus and that America is safe and sound under the control of their puppet. So, let’s be clear: the coronavirus is within every city of the United States, and it’s a pandemic. The influence operation’s move to silence and censor the heads of the CDC, and to deny all states the right to test for the virus will fail. But it’s big government that will be the reason why. Fuckin’ Obama.

2. The narrative that Bernie Sanders and his supporters didn’t endorse Clinton, and he’s the reason why Trump got elected. Or, equivalently — he’s an angry white guy just like Trump and he’s saying what Trump says in his speeches. This argument is like batteries, interchangeable — all the same. They’re good people on both sides in Charlottesville. You get the picture. But Bernie was the one who actually led the convention to vote for Clinton, and Clinton embraced nearly 8 out of every 10 planks of Bernie’s platform. The blue wave of 2018 roared across the United States, led by people who were inspired by Bernie. And the resistance reformed the party, and silenced the bizarre practice of having oligarchs counted into vote totals before the first vote is cast at convention. And voters were paying attention to the debates, perhaps one reason why Bloomberg hired people in the audience to jeer and probably found a way to influence the moderation so that it was a poorly moderated debate that hid the weakness he continually shows. Voters listened. And grassroots campaign volunteers and members of the resistance didn’t back Trump — and never backed Trump. Russia can’t understand why the free press gets to people, and why we make informed decisions — South Carolina is the only place they can do what they’re going to do today. Whatever noises they make about how they’d love to have Bernie as the opponent to Donald John Trump — they’re terrified of an honest man running against a man who spews total lies, and losing their firewall in South Carolina. The democratic party didn’t come apart in Nevada, the caucus went fine. The primary vote will be counted just fine/ and we will unify around the person who battles against Trump just as we did in 2016, and continued to do for years afterward.

3. Sell the idea that the State Democratic Party of South Carolina is strong. It isn’t. It’s shot through with moles. But if it comes up, they’ll push the idea that the Democratic party is just fine there, so no one will think to fix it.

4. They’ll continue to generate really cool memes. Really funny, mean spirited ones. And Trump supporters will circulate them. The Russian Influence Operation’s public Trump campaign budget for social media attacks on our country is 1 billion dollars, and a decent sized chunk will be spent today. Their goal is to de legitimize whatever happens and make sure that people believe the voter doesn’t count. It will be more than just memes, but for now, check your Trump supporter friend’s feed and enjoy. Bernie is the moronavirus. The guy who’s trying to fix the healthcare system is patient zero. You get it.

5. The Coronavirus hasn’t already spread to your town, and it’s not a pandemic already. It is. Cheers to my friends who shorted the market, but watch out for the dead cat bounce.

South Carolinians can do something really cool today, they can put an exclamation point on a series of wins which reflect the real direction we want our country to go. 75% of Americans wanted the Senate Trial of Impeached President Donald John Trump ( this is why I always spell out his name, that is what is written on his impeachment) and we didn’t remove the man who abused his power and office because of Putin Republicans like Lindsey Graham.

A win today for our country — in placing the honorable Senator from Vermont — the man who marched with Martin Luther King — would put an exclamation point on the power of revolution and the sheer strength of the human vote when citizens execute their sacred duty to the constitution to carefully consider their vote and cast it with solemn care.

But more importantly, at least to me — what happens today should expose the hidden mechanics of the largest and most effective propaganda machine ever built. A propaganda machine that will kill Americans in the coming weeks as we realize with slow horror that the noble Director of the Infectious Disease Pandemic response team is really out there silencing the CDC, making sure that no American does get tested (I wish I was kidding about this but in a country of 200 million people the Trump administration is trying to limit testing to 400 people, and the “unknown origin” cases will just keep popping up) and that we suffer.

Because we dared to believe that democracy and the rule of law, the power of the people in their social vote to change our country — would stand against oligarchs like Bloomberg, Putin, or Trump.

Biden stands to do well today, and he should. He’s a good guy. But Bernie leads the Revolution. And that’s the only thing that stops the oligarchs. There’s a one in ten chance South Carolina rises up against the Russian Influence Operation. If we do, let’s dedicate the win to Prince Rogers Nelson. Because Revolution.

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