Dark Money , White House, And The Press.

The White House Press Secretary today stated that we, as a country — must avoid many country trade deals because that takes big countries such as ourself, and puts them on an equal footing to small companies.

That’s right. He equated a country with a company.

He also said today that in context of federal employment , the White House need to find ways to eliminate duplicity.

That’s right, he said that the White House needs to find ways to stop lying to us. So it’s confusing that he was given the chance to correct the following statement:

This was the largest (in person) audience to ever witness an inauguration, .. period.”

Although the full quote referenced other viewers it did not stand against a Presidential statement made in front of a CIA monument claiming 1.5 million in physical attendance. The total crowd size standing was approximated by Monte Carlo methods of statistics to be 600,000. However, the total crowd size of the largest ever, period…goes to recordholder Barack Obama , at 1.9 Million, in person. The photographs do not lie. So this remains a false statement.

What did he do? Did he correct his statement? No. He used a technique called post hoc ergo propter hoc…a darling of the dark money set…a technique where he pretended he was being asked another question, then answered that question. He said that “people were watching on devices, and tablets, and streaming online”. In the online world, this is the equivalent of equating clicks to actual users, and nobody was talking about Nielssen ratings. This was sophistry. And in fact, there was even a movement afoot in TV land to tune out on the view of the inauguration, and there were those who purposefully tuned their TV away so that it would be included in survey, but tuned to another channel so as not to be counted. Nobody asked the question about whether or not there were more people watching on Tablets, Mobile Devices, or streaming services online. Americans recognized that the Mall in Washington DC was empty in many areas, the parade route was deserted and there were full bleachers, directly in front of the White House — that were set up for many people to be seated, containing only a few people.

But my God were there ever protesters the next day. The White House Press Secretary, who in this briefing claimed his President is trying to unite America, failed to mention that 500,000 women and men were marching that day, and more than a million total. The press secretary of a president who states he is in an attempt to unify the people of any given country is truthbound to mention the efforts of those who would peacefully march in the streets in numbers dwarfing those who attend inauguration parade and proceeding, if only to acknowledge point of view. To state that any unification effort is in place while completely ignoring the voice of the common man, is misleading. The forgotten woman is quite noticeably still forgotten. At least by the President, who claims to stand up for them. Maybe he was too busy meeting with billionaires?

In short, he did not retract a demonstrably false statement — that the vast majority of millions of Americans can see for themselves.

The reporter who asked the question appeared confused, and tried to reconcile the statement with another that was made later that day — as has been the case of the dark money operation that is now our presidency — with its aim to confuse, and obscure … “Did the Media Invent the War between Donald Trump and the Intelligence Community” … to which the reply was “Did you see all of the people hootin’ and hollerin’ for him?”

I saw people stating their ideas peacefully. Millions of them. But it was not at a made for TV limited seating event inside the CIA.

In short, he did not retract a demonstrably false statement made by our President, who has gone out of his way to attack the Intelligence community at every turn and then turned a chance to make amends into a bizarre moment in American history where a sitting President turns a speech given in front of a monument to those who gave their lives for our country into a veronica whose sole purpose is to translate the power of the free press into propaganda.

Finally, today we have learned the strategy for the Dark Money White House will be to gradually transform the Press briefings into something they can manipulate completely. They will add “skype seats”, and in all likelihood they will take questions from these lesser news organizations who cannot attend save by an online streaming connection, opening up the press conference to actual attendance by Russian hackers. They have , obviously, discovered that if they move too quickly to transform the United States White House Press Briefing into something directly equivalent to the Press Briefings one would experience in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, their agenda would be too readily discovered. Rest assured, however, that they will gradually expand the number of reporters in that room until they have the vast media spectacle that the Russians must now endure.

As if to support this, the order of questions came directly from the lower quality news sources that the White House seems to seek — the first question being passed to the New York Post… Not exactly the paragon of Journalism. The next organizations to follow were all to find the White House Press Secretary to have avoided the major news outlets. And the major questions. Instead, choosing to complain that the candidates offered for nomination to cabinet positions — many of who have serious ethical issues and some of which were not even cleared by the congressional office of ethics — are not being rammed through the confirmation process quickly enough.

The relationship of the free press to democracy is a vital one. But to a dark money oligarch, the press must be something upon which war is to be waged — any who discover the secret flows of money coming into and going out of dark operations will imperil their profit and bottom line and must be demonized and attacked. The Dark Money White House is one in which the use of government position to enrich oneself at the expense of the American people — will be conducted without regard for what people care about.

And the American people care about what Donald Trump recognizes as income in his tax returns, and they are not fooled that his returns have been “under audit” for 20 years — they want transparency, and honesty. This White House Press brief strategy is designed to do only one thing: obscure facts, and present a highly stylized version of propaganda to the American people.

Not unlike that we see in Russia. Mixing a White House with Dark Money seems to yield an unpleasant shade of Russian grey.

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