Cannabis Prohibition Ending? Think again.

For the new administration to endorse the end of a long, and unjust prohibition against the mostly harmless , medically promising drug of Cannabis — would be a reversal of their current strategy and by all accounts highly unlikely.

The current administration is run by criminals. Its Attorney General was handpicked to be a man that can be easily impressed and intimidated. He has not, thus far, shown any independence to the Attorney General’s office and will likely follow the path set for him by his beloved President.

So, the most likely move is a large scale crackdown on any sales of cannabis, in any state. Why?

The current administration is not driven by ideology, but dark money. The dark money ties that were forged over a decade by our sitting President — to the Russians — are the harbinger of that action. Unable to get financing in the United States, because he used the laws of our country to defraud banks in New Jersey and New York of over 925 million dollars — our sitting President took his business to Deutsche Bank, and forged ties to the operation of a vast money laundering network that involved such transactions as Donald John Trump’s “I haven’t spoken to Russia in ten years” Dmitry Rybolovlev use of the property down the lane from Mar A Lago, to help hide his finances from legal repossession. Our sitting president has directed his administration and staff, when actually staffs his administration, having effectively disabled the safe operation of many of our government’s offices by only appointing 35 of the 700 positions he was scheduled to fill — to quash any and all reporting about our new Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, and his ties to the Russian Money Laundering at the Bank of Cyprus, for which he holds an 18% stake. Dark money drives the president in his decisions, and is the best predictor of his action.

And so, his strategy to increase the Police Force and the Military around the country fits in well with a drive to implement any policy that satisfies the drive to help dark money flow more freely. For example, the quiet exercise of mass deportation under the shield of racism and bigotry — is in fact, a stealth operation to line the pockets of the privatized prison systems, who now rub their hands with glee at the prospect of hundreds of thousands of new inmates.

And so, the new strategy should be seen in its proper light — a strategy that will use disinformation and apply principles that will be tightly constrained to line the pockets of billionaires at the expense of the average man and woman, who , if you haven’t noticed… are still the forgotten man and woman. The use of cannabis to drive up federal drug funds seizure, in the context of a President who is gleefully wasting money on luxuries and trips -spending more in a month than our previous President had spent in over a year — in the context of an illogical budget that calls for a 54 billion dollar increase in military and police — will in all likelihood be funded by a national crackdown on cannabis.

This strategy is the only one that makes sense. An administration that does not bother with facts, but sets its policy based on the authoritarian whim of a madman — cannot be expected to behave logically when it comes to a kind substance such as cannabis. Just as in the past, we must expect that the Attorney General will be directed to crack down on cannabis — under the aegis of “increasing law and order”, but in fact, following closely in the footsteps of criminals such as Duterte and Vladimir Putin — and simply using the law to help destroy the lives of any who might culturally oppose authoritarianism. They cannot be expected to do otherwise. Their profit motive rests in dark money transactions, things that must be hidden — no one is allowed to see tax returns. And when the secretary of commerce is up for review, no one is allowed to see his dark money laundering operation in cyprus. Only a constitutional, lawful administration would end cannabis prohibition .. the pull of dark money is too great, and they must try to keep their connections hidden from the American people… this administration must shy away from lawful action and pursue dark money wherever it takes them.

As such, my simple conclusion is: if you are fighting to end prohibition and you have been heartened by what appears to be the states finally awakening to the medicinal and revenue generating aspects of organic, healthful cannabis — think again. This administration is hostile to the best interests of our country, our security , and our children. They will hide under false flag operations such as ‘protecting the children’ and they will attempt to illegally implement the differing forms of prohibition that have been shown to be false and misguided policy, if only for the simple fact that the lesser amount of illegal revenue they would claim to take legally — is easier hidden and moved around than the above board , let’s show-everyone-the-tax returns kind of legal and safe future that the United States, and its people — have dawned in the recent past. We have made much progress, and even as it becomes evident and clear that constitutional law protects those in the Cannabis industry falsely accused of violence and evil — we must know that our current administration is unconstitutional, and corrupt and will act in the same manner as organized crime, back in the 1920s.

They will march under the name of law and order, bringing a police state in their wake. Their goal is not so much to help create a new nation of peace, but simply to exploit the laws to their maximum profit advantage. They’ve gotten away with too much already, they’ll just keep pushing it.

Those who fight for the just and right end of a long and unlawful prohibition that was founded upon falsified evidence and lies — cannot expect an ally in an administration that so often puts out so many easily checkable lies. They can, however, expect the most evil foe that they have ever encountered.

If you can, in your neighborhood- fight for city regulations, fight for state regulations and fight against the coming evil of a police state and the unconstitutional and unlawful prohibition of cannabis.

And never underestimate your enemy. The current administration is a hostile, dangerous, destructive force — and until its ties to foreign capital, dark money and foreign influence are cut — it can only be expected to operate in a way that will exceed the destructive capabilities of foreign agency and control. A divided, broken country with a madman at the helm, with a sycophantic Attorney General whose only allegiance is to kneel before that madman and act not as the Attorney General of the People, but the Attorney General of the President.

It’s exciting to them. It’s like lighting a house on fire and watching it burn. Just like that 9th most expensive home, that was sold down the street from Mar A Lago, to the Russian billionaire, so he could hide his money. The man never set foot in it. He paid 60 million dollars more than its purchase price, no questions asked — and we see our sitting President claim he never heard the name Dmitry Rybolovlev, or spoke to him at all.

Would you pay 60 million dollars over the price of a 40 million dollar home, and then never set foot in it? If you had to hide your money there.

And so, we can only expect that the Cannabis Prohibition policy will return — as it has already generated 263 billion dollars in illicit and illegal revenue to the coffer of unfunded government mandate in our country — A president who spends 10 million dollars of our tax money in a month, flying around and playing golf… will need to get the money for his 54 billion dollar increase in military and the police somewhere. You can bet it will be from you.



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