are long distance calls
borne to Mothers and Gods
before human voices
welcome our children
in surround of family and friends

Feeling their mother’s breathing
Feeling her tears
A new world begins
The old one ends

Light plays upon the soft edge
of the world
A hungry child
latched to its mother
Half asleep
a father
massages little feet
a ward against sleep
until late night snacks
are complete

Time out of mind
these moments stolen
like shadows amongst the trees

Pieces of you
Pieces of me

Then comes
new teeth
piercing desire
and ambition
the little bird
flies from the nest
not to die beneath

A mother gives
her children
Part of her mind
Part of her heart
The father helps
any way he can

Babies are such
a good way
to start
a new human being

Painted on new skin
The mark you were given
unseen in the dark
every child takes a piece
of their mother’s heart

Dancing to a zero gee lullaby

I have a mad scientist's laugh, and I know how to use it.