Agree, with all of my heart. Attacking the free press is an act of cowardice. Be this sitting president a cr eature of a foreign power, as now The Big Mad Dog warns us…consider well, the sitting president shows his weakness and telegraphs to all authoritarians the image of his strangely small hands open to take bribes. Indonesia was the bribe for DPRK …Mattis fought back when Trump was directed to weaken our Armies there at the precise moment after they got their free barbie and ken doll pose in hong kong. And then, an American Journalist is cut alive into pieces, screaming…recorded by spy cameras as Mohammed Bin Salaam’s 18 man hit squad murdered Khashoggi. …The sitting president, the enemy…responds by trying to give up a us resident, for all practical purposes, literally almost a US citizen, over to another country to bribe the spy camera operator to bury the story. We have met the enemy. One correction. Trump and his hit squad are the enemy. Mike Pence. Does not get the Presidency for kneeling down before the enemy. The only correct succession of power is to the Majority Leader of the House.

I have a mad scientist's laugh, and I know how to use it.

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