Searching for signal
we listen to all
at last just making out
a fanfare for the common man
and woman

And the endless night pierced
by the light
that shines
above tree and menorah
The most important office
of government
is the office of citizen
be it
Earth, Mars
or Luna.

The Sword of Damocles
hangs over us
its thin strand
made strong
by our vote

Against the authoritarian
beyond the influence operation
to weather the storm

We are fools to make war
on our brothers in arms

America is a beacon of Democracy
Slava Ukraini



The scientist
seeks to explain something
no one has understood before
in a way that everyone understands

And the poet
seeks to explain something
everyone has understood before
in ways that no one understands

Yet men of science
and action
are often found
at the edge of mystery
their search for happiness
like building a machine
with no other specification
than to run
without sound

To share true faith
the day
humanity is destroyed
when those that remain
at last decide to be human

How better to ask Earth
of the mountain
or the heavens
of the sun
than words as heavy as bolts
not in winter or in spring
but devise for the arts
a shared vision
from the common dream



The space
between the finger of Adam
and God
was supposed to be
and so it was
that a sailboat was christened
an emblem of the rising sun
upon her rudder

years later
we offered grace
at drinks and dinner
where waitress wore black tears
and eyeshadow crucifix
and ears
and horns of the devil
on a cool eve
before Halloween

God and Goddess
walk amongst us
hiding in plain sight
to see if we’re being nice
to each other
and sometimes
deal with customer service

didn’t have a mover
so she rented a truck
never having driven before
on Olympus
so at the rental place
they smiled
and gave her one three sizes larger
as a free upgrade

is Grace
under pressure



Port and Starboard
are Orca
that changed the waters
off Africa
having developed a taste
for shark
tearing out their heart
and liver

Working together
they drive into the great white
tearing the battered shark
to leave it, lifeless
and shredded
drifting to final rest
on a far shore