Up on the hill
people never stare
They just don’t care

Chinese music
under banyan trees
Here at the dude ranch
above the sea.

When all my dime dancing is through
I run to you

Up on the hill
they’ve got time to burn
(there’s no return)

Double helix
in the sky tonight
Throw out the hardware,
let’s do it right.

When all my dime dancing is through
I run
to you

Up on the hill
they think I’m okay
(or so they say)

Chinese music
always sets me free
Angular banjos
sound good to me

When all my dime dancing
is through
I run

— Donald Fagen

Frozen Life and Night Skies
painted us into a corner deep beneath the ice
and I said goodbye

First to my father
who taught me to persevere
Then my mother
who gave me imagination
and finally
my brothers and sisters in this world
and then

And in the long…

Our love was without form, void
and then oceans formed
and the rains came

And one day hail flew up and down
inside a thundercloud
like the kick inside
and ice crystals strafed electrons
like cold black fire
Cloud, to ground —
lighting the kite we fly
and glowing the…

Below ice
dark eyed angels
form paper doll chains
and hold their breath
bathed in oxygen
they talk about anything

And in the quiet marianas
the black parade
of the juilletiste
and the aoutien
plan the work
and work the plan

On this ice world
between sea and strand

We stand
on the shore
playing with a pretty shell
a smoother pebble

The ocean of truth before us
frozen tears spiral up into the loam

Above, the air so cold
crystal planes cut a pattern unfold
to the cold halo of the sea of love

We tell ghost stories
and wind our way
in and out of a year
and over a day

To where the waves are

In fields of ancient flowers
towering above us like guideposts
life weaves a quiet cosmos
of form, water and stone

And in the oceans
that cover the Earth
one creature hears the carrier wave
enfolding from a multiverse
collapsing to a universe
and bounded by the third dimension
forms molecules that swarm and multiply
in a drop of water

The spin
of the center
of a new world
shelters fragile beings
from solar wind
and brings the summer rain

Kittens sleep close to their mother
their eyes closed.

Starlings form a susurrus
folding like a house of cards
into a tree, happy
at sunset

Hadeon sky blocked out
dances like Melancholia
A proto moon and ancient planet
into Terra and Luna
comet rains
to sea

The Earth moves

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad -
take a sad song and make it better.
Remember — to let her into your heart,
then you can start to make it better.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid —
you were made to go out and get her. …

Once upon a time
I had a friend
jusqu’à la fin

Her skin was jet black
her eyes dark
une femme de la République du Tchad
elle m’a appris à parler Français

elle m’a appris
une belle menteuse
vient de loin


avait un livre
“jusqu’à bout”



She lives
in my heart
with you.

Turner Rentz, III

I have a mad scientist's laugh, and I know how to use it.

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