Climate change
gives us one chance
to save our world
but only one

So here on Earth comes
the ultra rare flood
and the west that burns
we train our children up
in the way that they should go

And let the dogs run
they speak without talking
and read our eyes
and smell the sky
as if tasting a single drop
of vanilla
in a swimming pool

Somewhere beyond the black mirror
that separates me from you

Is a little bit of Hell
waiting for those who think
God does not help those
who help themselves

So do not stand by and watch
as birds fall from the sky
and when you smile for the camera

Remember these were the good times



The Gods first make prideful
those whom they would destroy

Immortal, timeless omniscient
experiencing everything
there is to experience

I, for one, welcome our new overlords
and lay my sword at their feet
and yours.

The heart is a lonely hunter
guided by moral compass
it seeks true north
to have loved and lost
than never loved at all
and fools rush in
where angels fear to go
which is why
all that lives
is born to die
and all is fair
in love and war.



Tear down the structures you see
and look past
clocks and horses
and electric cars
and the things that tame the world

Light fades at 4:20 in the afternoon
fragments of faraway conversation
drift through open windows
and we all share a secret smile

Above us
an owl
strikes a black silhouette
as if to speak of things unsaid
and hold us in quiet stead

And borne
by utterance
unspoken, as if a glance
we see the primal instruction
that appears as madness

Then by some process
becomes a rule and guide
for our faith and practice

Upon the lowest branches
of decision
Adam gets Even
one byte missing

Form follows function.



You and I are citizens
of the Milky Way

Bound to the outer rim
the center spins
around a black hole
as far wide as our solar system
four trillion Earths

The beast at the center of the Milky Way
Sagittarius A*
Oversees four hundred billion worlds
and two hundred billion suns

Three hundred million planets
count themselves living
And perhaps, us
if the greenhouse
slow bullet misses us
and we address
global climate change.

Do you want to know more?



This is Feng Shui:
Something to lean on
at back,
strong arms embracing,
and space

The early Chinese came to San Francisco
from Guangdong

And the hills looked as if
a sleeping dragon awaited
with back arched mountain
and head to lay
pointing to smooth water
of the Oakland Bay

They said. This must be the place.
They lit Fireworks on New Year’s Day
and did Tai Chi at dawn
and left their mark upon
Angel Island

And one by one
their new home
into Chinatown

Bringing memory, tradition

To celebrate
They built Dragon Gate
at Bush and Grant
and wrote

Respect and Love

Trust and Peace

All under heaven for the good of the people



Turner Rentz, III

Turner Rentz, III

I have a mad scientist's laugh, and I know how to use it.